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The Moselhotel Weinhaus Simon promise


We are a family-run company and stand behind the services of our company with our name.

Our hotel distinguishes itself from the competition of the region by its individual character.

Enthusiastic employees and trusting dealings are just as characteristic of our hotel as the fulfillment of our guests' needs and the solving of individual problems.

Each employee in the company is responsible for actively implementing these goals as an obligation in his area of ​​influence.

We challenge and support the creativity of our employees in order to provide our guests with concepts that embody quality beyond expectations.

Everyone can make mistakes because we see mistakes as an opportunity to optimize quality. By trusting in the ability of our employees and ensuring their creative and personal development, we achieve a high level of commitment and creative work.

We run our company honestly, reliably and fairly and work with business partners in a spirit of partnership, respect and cooperation.

On the basis of this partnership-based appreciation, we achieve our permanent quality standard.

Our basic understanding and values ​​(detailed mission statement):


The guest is ...

  • our most important asset. From the moment they first met until they left the hotel, he felt that he was welcome with us. Through our passion in our job, we convey to the guest that we are professionals.

  • Our partners. We maintain a sustainable relationship with our customers by binding them to our company through various activities. We respond to their needs and give them the feeling that they are in good hands with us.


All employees ...

  • work with each other, not against each other.

  • attach great importance to courtesy, friendliness, mutual respect, fairness, appreciation and honesty when dealing with each other and externally.

  • cultivate dialogue, not just conversation.

  • encourage courage, not just avoiding mistakes

  • understand a complaint as a suggestion for improvement and praise as confirmation and motivation for our services.

  • want to secure future economic success.

  • have their own personality with strengths and special features.

  • can rely on each other because we live punctuality, collegial behavior and loyalty.

  • work goal-oriented and are proud of the good result of our work. It's a nice feeling to be part of the success.

  • are "service providers" and are happy when the guest feels comfortable and appreciates our services. They perform their services reliably, in a reasonable time and with guaranteed quality.

  • regularly check the security and function of the hotel furnishings.


Our environment ...

we protect. We see it as our duty and opportunity to take responsibility for the environment. We handle our resources carefully in our daily work. We also use natural energy sources.


Our suppliers ...

maintain a partnership relationship with us. We treat our suppliers fairly and sustainably. We try to consider regional suppliers in the first place. Our suppliers receive their money on time.


I, as hotel manager ...

  • align my thinking and acting from an economic point of view.

  • create the basis for our salary as well as the existence and the further development of the company through my decisions.

  • weigh up costs and benefits in all decisions. I don't achieve profitability through one-sided actionism, but through long-term planning.

  • create measurability and transparency through appropriate targets and regular budget planning.

  • I am aware that I have an essential guiding function. My impact is transferred to the team in every way.

  • create trust through justice, loyalty, objectivity and consistent action.

  • I am aware that appreciation and recognition of my employees and their performance are the basis for motivation and well-being.

  • maintain transparent communication through a meeting structure.

  • run my company with a clear structure. Tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined in an organizational chart.

  • cultivate a feedback culture through personal employee interviews, which serves to promote further development.


Yours Timo Schmoll

Hotel manager

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